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Link Directory!

After much maneuvering, I figured out how to make a space here on my blog where I can bookmark sites that I think are worthy of a second look.  I have never been a fan of Delicious- maybe it is just too confusing for me.  I like the simplicity of BagTheWeb, but it isn’t compatible with WordPress.  I wanted something I would be able to add to whenever I vet a new site and deem it something I think is worthy of sharing, and BagTheWeb does that for me- so that it will automatically be available on this site whenever I add something.  Pretty cool.

If you click on “Link Directory” above, you will be taken to that space.  Hit “Home” and you come back here.  I had to go outside of WordPress to make this happen, but I think it came out great.

So far, I have added categories for Gaming, Ed Tech, and a few different Web 2.0-type applications.  I am staying away from the more hokey ones- only the really good, really polished sites are in the bags.

I hope you find them to be a great resource!