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Ditching Dewey Part II: First Round of Data Entry: Check!

I think we have at least two more to go.  Fun.

Quick recap… I am completely reorganizing and re-cataloging my school library. The first step was to completely and painfully weed the collection.  We got rid of anything more than 13 years old (unless we felt we needed it).  The second step, and the one we just finished, was to separate the fiction section into genre-based categories in Destiny.

Now, we can go back and change all of the call numbers, based on those categories.  Right now, all of our fiction books have call numbers that begin with FIC.  So, The Lightning Thief is FIC RIO, and Looking for Alaska is FIC GRE.  Now, the call numbers will reflect the genre.  Those two titles will be FAN RIO and RF GRE for Fantasy and Realistic Fiction.

We are also going to re-sticker everything.  My awesome husband, a graphic artist, created genre stickers for the spines.  I made sure that they fit in an Avery 5428 label.  I was looking for something black and white and clean and modern.  I think they came out gorgeous- they are going to really class up the library.

One of our new and improved spine labels!

One of our new and improved spine labels!

After everything is re-stickered, we can reorganize.  Because, really?  A big wall of random “fiction” isn’t very kid-friendly.


Have a great day!



In The Weeds

Over the course of this year, I will be converting my library from the Dewey Decimal System to a more user-friendly browsing-centered experience.  Goodbye Dewey!  Good riddance!

I decided to use Metis, a system designed by some brilliant librarians in New York.  More information on Metis can be found here.  While I love Metis as is, it is a little elementary for my middle school library.  I will be tweaking along the way.  Good thing I have a graphic designer at home.

Step One in the process is (cue ominous music) weeding.  We have done some weeding over the years, but like the true bibliophile I am, it is hard for me to get rid of books.  I have to get over it, though.  Here is book truck number five:



I offer them to teachers first, but honestly…

Ew.No one wants this.  That “Brand New” circle is funny.  It isn’t a sticker- it is built into the cover.  It was brand new in 1995.


Double Ew.Oh, dear.  What can I say about this?  The copyright date is 1988.

Or even this.

He's cool and all, but...


And, really?  I don’t think we could make a super cool guy look any less cool:

I'm sorry, Uncle Stevie.

I’m sorry, Uncle Stevie.

Before we weed a section, the shelves look like this:

Jam Packed!


And after we weed,

So bare!


That’s okay, though.  It is better for the kids to be able to get to the good stuff without having to sift through all of the garbage.  Even if it does make the collection look really puny.

I’ll rant about all the reasons I want to make this change later.  I am really excited about it.

Happy Reading!