5 Questions with Stacey Kade

My high school will be hosting its very first Writers Week in April.  We have a lot of great stuff planned.  There is one thing, in particular, that I am really excited about.

On a whim, I decided to reach out to bestselling author Stacey Kade, to see if she would be up for coming to talk to our kids.  I knew that she lives in the area, and thought, what the heck.  She said yes!  This is going to be such a great experience for our students.  I can’t wait.

Stacey has written two excellent series, The Ghost and the Goth series, and the Project Paper Doll series.  And, for anyone who didn’t read the free short story about Will and Alona, you’re welcome (Spoiler alert! Do not read this if you haven’t read the series.).

I had the opportunity to ask Stacey FIVE QUESTIONS in anticipation of her visit next month, and for our students, Stacey gives a challenge in the last answer…

Why do you write?

I write to entertain myself first. To tell myself a story. And because it becomes an itch beneath my skin if I go for too long without writing. 🙂 But it’s also my job. And I feel that’s important to emphasize. I have deadlines and requirements that I must meet, just as anybody does with a job. It’s not simply about what I want to do and when I want to do it. It’s more complicated than that, especially as a full-time writer.

Which of your characters would you love to have lunch with?

Ha! Um, all of them? Seriously, for the ones I’m writing now, I have all kinds of questions. And for the ones I’ve already written, I’d love to catch up with them and see how they’re doing since last we “spoke.” It could be like a reunion buffet. 🙂

Do you have a “writing ritual?”

I’ve trained myself to write anywhere, mainly because if you become too dependent on certain elements being present that will stop you from making progress. If you tell yourself, “I can’t write unless I have a certain pen or I’m in a certain place,” then you’re giving yourself an out on writing that day. And if you’ve got a deadline, you can’t afford that lost time. Being on book tour and a tight deadline for revisions several years ago broke me of that way of thinking.

That being said, I firmly believe in the power of ritual and training your brain to understand that this sequence of events means, “It’s time to write.” I do all of my drafting at the coffee shop near my house. I have a preferred seat and a preferred drink while I’m there, too! 🙂

What new thing of yours are you most excited about?

Oh, gosh, this year is big, and I’m really excited! I have two new books coming out in the same year, for the first time, and they’re less than three months apart. My first adult romance, 738 DAYS, is coming out on June 7, and that was a story that I wanted to write for years but never thought I’d have the chance. And my first YA contemporary, FOR THIS LIFE ONLY, comes out on August 30, and that is also a story I didn’t think would sell (due to controversy, religion, etc.)  It’s deeply personal to me as a pastor’s kid myself. My main character, Jace, is a pastor’s son. Jace suffers a near-death experience after a car accident, one that kills his twin. But when he doesn’t see God or the light or angels during his near-death experience, he finds himself kind of lost and questioning, which doesn’t go over well with his family or the church.

What should I have asked you but didn’t?

Hmm. Not sure but I think the answer is 42. (I will give away a book to the first person who comes up to me and tells me the source for that reference.)

You can read more about Stacey and her books at her website.

Amazon links to Stacey’s books:

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Happy Reading!




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