Readbox: Yay Pinterest!

I have had MANY comments and hits because of this awesome Pinterest find… and then my own effort became a Pinterest success as well.

I am often asked for two things: the font used for the top lettering, and the graphic used for the touchscreen.  Both were created by my amazing husband.  He literally created the font by hand, and he also recreated the graphic.

Because I completely believe in sharing cool stuff like this, I am going to share his work (with his permission, of course!).

Just a funny side note: I am challenging you to a game.  If you decide to construct this, keep a tally on how many people think it sounds like REEDbox.  I inwardly chuckle about this all of the time.

ALSO, please, please, please, post pics here when you use my awesome, amazing husband’s art on your own wonderful Readbox.  My students love it.  Those books get checked out more often than you can imagine.  Please: If you have the time, give us a shout out here.

Thanks!  Have fun!


Note: The pdf files below are individual letters that spell Readbox and also the touchscreen graphic.







readbox screen generic



16 thoughts on “Readbox: Yay Pinterest!

    1. Kristina Post author

      Hi! It goes to my library’s website. If you google “free QR code generator” you can create one for yourself- then just right click to save the image! I have my QR code all over school. 🙂


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  2. Dawn

    Thank you so much! I’m helping our middle school librarian re-vamp the library (MakerSpace, comfy seating area, etc.) and this is going to fit in nicely! I’ll share a pic when it’s finished!



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