My Top Ten Obsessions Right Now (This Can Change at any Minute)

  1. My Library’s ebook website.  I can’t stop browsing books.  I check them out, I put them on hold, I put them on my wish list… I just can’t stop compiling books.  I absolutely love it.


  2.  If you blog about books or you are a librarian, you absolutely need to be a part of this.  I almost don’t want to share this gem with others, but I love it so much that I can’t help it.  It is amazing.  I have gotten to preview so many amazing books- and their concept works.  I have bought many of the titles I have sampled for my library.  Others- books that aren’t appropriate for my middle school library- I have suggested to friends.  Regardless, because I am a blogger and librarian, I get to read them for free.  Score!

  3. I finished my candidacy exam.  For real.  I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I am one- free for the summer, and two- a doctoral candidate rather than a doctoral student.  I don’t think this one is going to go away any time soon.  That candidacy exam was hard!
  4. Metis and Other Alternative Cataloging Systems.  Over the last year, my assistant and I recatalogued our entire fiction section into genres.  Before, we had one huge fiction section.  Now, we have separate genres.  It is so user friendly and in the two days we have been finished with it, my students have been super excited.  It did take us the entire year, however, to get it done.  Next year we will tackle non-fiction.  Right now, I am just basking in the beauty that is my fiction section.  I can’t help staring at it.  It is beautiful.


  5. MMORPGs.  I am doing my dissertation on MMORPGs.  Therefore, I have done a lot of research on them.  BUT, the research has turned into something more.  I absolutely LOVE Tera and Secret World.  For real.  I can’t wait until summer when I can give them more time.  I applied to a guild and they accepted me, but I think they are too big.  I think I need something smaller.  I will work on that this summer.


  6. Weeds.  I just noticed that the last season is now on Netflix.  I am super excited.  However, I can only watch one episode each day- between when I get home from work and when my kids get off of the bus.  The suspense is killing me!
  7. My ceiling fans.  My old house didn’t have them, but there are ceiling fans in the important rooms in my new house, thank god.  I don’t know how we survived without them.  I don’t get it- in the heat of the summer, if we have an 80 degree day, I am cold.  Right now, I have to sleep downstairs with the windows open and the ceiling fan on full blast.
  8. Hot Glue.  Okay.  Funny story.  So I am working on the signs for the library redesign, and I am trying to figure out how to mount them, right?  So I thought that I could hot glue magnets to the back of the signs.  Except, I couldn’t find my hot glue at work.  I searched everywhere.  So, I went to my science teacher to borrow some hot glue, and she made me swear that I would replace the hot glue that I had borrowed.  It worked great, and I only needed two sticks, so I am forever indebted to hot glue, but I had never understood the value of hot glue until I talked to my science teacher.


  9. Adult Contemporary Fiction.  I just read the first two books in Deborah Harkness’s series and I am currently reading The Language of Flowers.  I can’t tell you how awesome it is to read big people books after reading middle school books all year.  I allow myself to read adult books over the summer, but I just felt the need to start a little early this year.  Perhaps it was passing the candidacy exam that did it for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE young adult fiction.  But after nine months of it, it is nice to read some big people books.
  10. My kids.  Okay, I know it is cliche, but I am having fun just being a mom now that the semester is over.  I can see the end of the school year coming, and I am thinking about all of the great things I will be able to do with my kids over the summer.  We are NOT going anywhere this summer, so we will get to jump on the train and go downtown, maybe hit the waterpark at Six Flags, go on picnics, hikes, etc.  Oh- and I am also taking a “Dissertation Boot Camp.” But I digress. 🙂

Happy Reading!

🙂 K


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